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  • Self-Report: Interviews
    • Structured
      • each ppts is asked identical pre-set of Q's.
    • Unstructured
      • disscusion on a pre-set topic with no set Q's
      • sensitive and complex issues can be dealt with in face-to-face interviews by making Ps feel relaxed and able to talk
      • questions can be explained and/or adapted so that all Ps understand them
      • structured and semi-structured are standardised, they are easy to replicate, so can check for reliability.
      • Interviewer effects - interviewers may unconsciously bias answers, They are also subject to demand characteristics and social desirability bias. 
      • interviews need to be highly experienced and qualified
      • Ps may not know the full purpose of an interview and there’s also the danger that Ps may reveal more than they wish to
      • some people may have difficulty putting their feelings, opinions, etc. into words.


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