Introduction to Tort Law (LLB)

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  • Introduction
    • What is a 'tort'?
      • A tort is a civil wrong in which the law gives a solution to
      • it leads to legal liability (other than under a contract)
      • It is the law of non-criminal wrongs
    • It is up to the claimant to bring about the claim
      • The parties have to do everything themselves (this can be expensive)
    • The tort of negligence is central in the law of tort
      • It is the most important tort in practice
      • The ideas from negligence have influenced the interpretation of other torts
    • Donoghue v Stevenson 1932
      • Established 'duty of care'
      • Overruled Winterbottomv Wright
        • Recognised a new area of 'liability'
      • It establsihedesa singles, universal requirement to take 'reasonable care'




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