Irish Tudor Rebellions

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  • Irish Tudor Rebellions
    • Silken Thomas 1534-1537
      • The Kildares were removed from power because the King and Cromwell didn't believe they would support the reformation. Kildare raised 1000 men in Munster and rebelled to get the Kildares reinstated
      • There was an objection to the reformation
    • Shane O'Neil 1558-1567
      • Shane wanted to rule Ulster and was prepared to kill his brother to do so. The Irish turned on him but he had the support of Elizabeth, however he betrayed her by conspiring with Mary Queen of Scots
      • He conspired with Catholics but religion wasn't a main cause of rebellion
    • Munster 1569-1573
      • James Fitzgerald resented martial law by Elizabeth after the O'Neil rebellion, He resented plantationsbeing colonised by Englishmen who treated the Irish badly
      • Hated the new protestant religion
    • Geraldine 1579-1583
      • James Fitzgerald still resented  colonisation
      • Elizabeth was excommunicated by the Pope, Fitzgerald rallies the whole of Ireland
    • Tyrone 1595-1603
      • Hugh O'Neil was against English interferrance such as high rents,  taxes and protestantism, so he united Ireland to try and get total independence.


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