Is ignorance bliss better than knowledgeable gloom?

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  • Is ignorant bliss better than knowledgeable gloom?
    • Yes
      • Having people live longer, more pleasant lives, informed people are weighed down with the words of the world.
      • product of disposition
        • some people
          • view more ignorance = less sadness
            • Elderly people
              • More upbeat (selection bias)
                • happy life
                  • ignorant on some things
      • Sceptics are more unhappy than believers
      • intellectual honesty
        • logical despair and self-conscious
          • gloom
    • No
      • Colin Wilson - The Outsider
        • “How on earth can someone live if they’d rather be right than happy?”
      • Happy people
        • appallingly dull
          • embraced by a suffocating cloak of asinine
            • knowledge allows us to question things
              • more accurate and allows more an insightful picture of life
            • disengaged with society and we're meant to learn and overcome greed
      • 10th of ten commandments of living
        • "Do not feel envious of the happiness of those who live in fools paradise, for only a fool would think that it is happiness"
      • would you swap sanity (being in touch with reality) for insanity (goodness)?
        • knowledge makes people feel "alive" and "active" commonly according to George Bernard Shaw
          • Untitled
      • Only the truth (which can be complicated and cumbersome) can lead to real connection with the essence of things
        • like with human beings and life
          • amelioration and progression
            • knowledge drives us to making actions which is essential within society
              • have empirical facts about the world rather than following the rose-tinted narrative by media that monetises anxiety and fear
                • shown by Covid -19 Pandemic
      • they're both double-edged swords
        • even if it leads to misery, it is better to help society by being informed
      • "ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise" (on martial relationships but could be applied ubiquitously)
    • Middle ground
      • Levels of happiness and contentment based on primarily on personality and out of our control
        • not very much of a choice
      • the idea and concept of what is 'better'
        • subjective
          • just be a good person and working out who is living their best
          • how people look onto life irrespective of their level of knowledge
            • ignorant people (some)
              • pessimistic but lack insight
            • some educated folk
              • charming and sunny
              • more knowledgeable on topics
                • diagnosed with terminal illness
                  • more aware of death
                    • most people avoid talking about
                    • most use euphemistic language such as 'passing away', 'expired'
      • must be a balance in which they cannot be overwhelmed by each other


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