Islam - Ibrahim

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  • Ibrahim
    • Arabic name for the prophet Abraham
      • Fulfilled all the tests and commands which were given to him by God.
      • Muhammed was a descendent from Ibrahim through his first son, Ishamel.
      • Important religious figure across all religions as he is a role model, he was obedient to God, showed kindness and compassion and refused to worship idols.
      • 'God took Abraham as a friend'
    • Farther of all nations.
    • Idol Story
      • Smashed all the idols with an axe in a temple except for the largest one
      • He was thrown over a fire but wasn't harmed at all as was protected by God.
    • Ka'aba
      • A small building in the centre of Mecca.
        • House of God
        • Ishamel and Ibrahim rebuilt the Ka'aba after the flood at the same site.
    • Ibrahims Will
      • Willing to sacrifice his son for God and this is why during the festival of Id-Ul-Adha each year muslims slay an animal.
      • Remembered in many ways.
    • A man of god who denounced worship of idols.


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