Islam - Prophethood and Adam

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  • Prophethood + Adam
    • Risalah - when someone is made a prophet it is a gift from God to help humankind understand his message.
      • Provides way for Muslims to communicate with God in order to live in the way he desires.
      • Sent Prophets when humans changed ways or forgot how to live as a Muslims.
      • Most Muslims believe that there has been 24,000 muslims where 25 are named in the Qur'an.
      • Important people to look up to and follow as they were seen as Good people in God's will.
    • Adam
      • First man on earth and the first prophet of Islam.
        • Farther of the human race so treated with great respect.
        • Created from dust by God
        • 'One of his signs is that he created you from dust and behold! you became human and scattered far and wide'
        • 'He first created man from clay'
      • God gifted Adam the understanding of all things.
        • 'He taught Adam all the names [of things].
        • Day of Judgement came from Adam and Eve as they sinned by eating the forbidden fruit.
        • God told all angels to bow down to Adam but Ibfril didn't and was thrown out.
      • Importance
        • God gave him understanding which he passed on to the human race.
        • First person to plant seeds and harvest crops.
        • Revealed to him what food Muslims was allowed to eat.


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