Israeli/Palestinian conflict in middle east

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  • Israeli / Palestinian conflict in the middle east.
    • History
      • District ruled by Ottoman Empire (Turks). Ottomans defeated by Brits (allies) WW1.
        • After WW1 Brits controlled Palestine.
          • Trouble between Arabs and Jews who wanted to live there.
            • Jewish immigration to Israel continued to grow during the Brits rule,between 1919 and 1926 90,000 immigrents arrived into Paleistaine.
              • UN suggestion was to separate Pal into 2 countries one Arab one Jewish, Arab leaders didn't agree, but Jews did declaring the state of Israel.
                • Arabs were outraged and war broke out between the Arab side and new Israel. there were months of intense fighting. Arab neighbours agreed to stop the war but relations between the two are still tense.
                  • More conflict followed, Israel became a homeland for Jews who were escaping persecution in Europe after the Holocaust.
                    • Palestinians are mainly Muslim Arab, so they grew frustrated not having their own state, they formed groups such as the PLO Palestinian liberation organisation.
                      • These groups killed Israelis athletes (11) in the Olympic games and lunched attacks on other Israelis.
    • Current conflict
      • 1987... Palestinians living in the west bank and Gaza *****,
      • Demonstrations fighting against Israeli soldiers and settlers.
      • 1990 peace talks begin. Israelis withdrew from west bank, PLO stopped attacks against Israelis.
      • 2001 uprising started again Egypt took control of Gaza *****.
      • Aug and Sept 2005 Israeli withdrew all settlers and troops from Gaza *****, 4 settlements on west bank were evac.


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