Issues associated with interdependce

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  • Issues associated with interdependence
    • Positives
      • Labour flows
        • opportunity to seek work elsewhere
        • Reduces geographical inequality between workers due to more oppurtunities (A8 countries)
        • Addresses important skill and labour shortages (nurses from the far east in the UK
        • Some workers return to their home countries with new ideas and skills
      • Outsourcing
        • The OECD has found that TNC's pay 40% higher than wages paid by local firms
    • Negatives
      • Outsourcing
        • Leads to unemployment for those in higher income countries
          • Less contribution to the local economy so service workers lose their jobs
            • De-multiplier effect
          • Structural unemployment
            • When a skill set of local workers is no longer compatible
              • Need for governement investment to retrain workers for employment in the local economy
        • Deindustrialisation
          • Movement of factories = closure of local suppliers
          • Areas go into decline
            • London Docklands
      • Conflict
        • Trade used as a weapon
          • 2006 UN trade sanctions to Iran for refusal to suspend its uranium enrichment nuclear programme
            • This hindered Iran's ability to integrate into the global economy
        • Water conflict in the River Chad
          • 90% of water lost due to global temperature rise and overusage
        • Increased communication can increase the spread of conflict
          • The 'Arab Spring" sparked in Tunisia in 2010 but quickly spread across North Africa and the Middle East
      • The Gini index shows that inequality has worsened (0= equal, 1= entire income is for one person)
        • Subsaharan Africa has increased by 9% from 1993 to 2008
        • China has increased by 34% from 1993 to 2008
      • Investment
        • Those with money to start with benefit from growth whilst those with no money stay rooted in poverty
      • Labour movement
        • Brain drain - skilled workers attracted away by higher wages
          • Loss of skilled workers = training gap
        • Greater movement of people can lead to a greater risk of global pandemics


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