Italy 1860-1922

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  • Italy 1861-1922
    • The political system + Problems facing Italy
      • Unification
        • Became a nation in 1861, fully unified in 1870
        • Dreamed of Risorgimento - Rebirth
        • 99% spoke their regional dialect - official language came from Florence
        • 1898 - protests. 100 people killed in Milan
          • 29th July 1900 - King Umberto I assassinated by an anarchist who wanted revenge
        • Political and economic troubles would tear the country apart
      • Education
        • More than half the population, particularly the South were illiterate
        • Official language was in the North
        • Had little focus on education
      • Foreign policy
        • Focused on irredentism = focus on unification
        • Didn't have military or diplomatic means to reclaim areas
        • Signed triple alliance with Austria and Germany
      • The Roman Question
        • Described the split between church and nation - church did not accept italy's legitimacy
    • Giovanni Giolitti
      • Born Oct 22nd 1842 - July 17th 1928
      • PM in 1892, lost power after 18 moths. Was in power 1897, 1901, 1903 when he was PM of the interior. PM again in 1906 - chose to resign. 11 year period
      • Tried to get Luzzatti to resign so he could be PM
      • Favoured Austria, tried to keep Italy out of European war
      • Wanted Italy to be modern, industrialised and successful. Wanted to be united by shared values and faith in liberal parliament
      • Wanted support from socialists and Catholic church
      • Made 2 policies with the church in 1904, said the church and state should never meet. Offered them confessions in return for support
      • Gave priority to economic problems, organised public work schemes, public health, housing, work conditions, woman and child labour, old age pensions
    • The Church
      • Papal states owned by RC Church - wealthiest parts
      • Held power between 1861 and 1912 - didn't just have power in papal states (near North-South border)
      • Pope Puis 9th - 31 years. Leo 18th - forbid Catholics from voting, Puis 10th.
      • Caused tensions over the Roman Question
    • The PSI Party
      • Filippo Turati - founder of reformist party
      • Costantino Lazzari - Maximalist party founder. Expelled from PSI
      • Policies around trade unions, socialist circles, conservative reforms
      • Divided over 2 PSI groups - Reformists and Maximalists. Maximalists - London Bureau work and Left-wing association. Reformists - unions and parliamentary groups
      • Appealed in north and urban areas eg Milan and Naples.
    • ANI Nationalists
      • Founded in 1910 under nationalists Corradini and Papini. 1914- right wing authoritarian
      • Mostly wealthy people supporting although they tried to get workers involved
      • Aimed to unite differing classes of patriotic love of Italy
      • Anti-liberal & aggressive foreign policy - wanted land
      • Said Roman culture made invaluable contributions to society
      • Corradini linked left wing to nationalism - said Italy was being exploited by international Capitalism = poor economy
      • Joined March on Rome in 1922 - merged with Facist party in 1923


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