Instability in Italy 1912-1914

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  • Italy instability  1912-1914
    • Libya invasion
      • Tried to absorb the nationalists by appeasing them- opposite effect and increased ANI support but showed the discontent against liberals.
        • nationalists took credit for invasion due to their pressure on Giolitti and due to their lack of patriotism was why so many lives was lost
      • Critically broke down Giolitti's relationship with PSI who had strongly opposed any action in Libya
        • eventually radical socialists seized control and refused any cooperation with liberals
          • A young radical socialist- Mussolini started a campaign on the magazine he edited 'avanti!'. Focused a campaign in the corrupt liberal Italy and militarists who had murdered workers in both countries
    • Franchise extension
      • Further problems by the changes to suffrage, hard to deny those who fought in Libya even though they didn't have the required literacy rate
        • 1912- vote extended to all men with military duty and over 30
          • even though over 70% of the vote where now illiterate, Giolitti hoped suffrage= greater national unity, strengthen vote for liberals in rural areas
            • also undermine PSI as working class less likely to support radical ideologies
        • also undermine PSI as working class less likely to support radical ideologies
    • Resignation of Giolitti
      • First vote in 1913 failed for Giolitti
        • Liberal deputies won 318, loss of 71 from 1909
          • Made even worse as liberals had struck deal with catholic electoral union who asked for several key points in return for catholic vote
            • leader of Catholics- Gentiloni claimed 228 of liberal deputies where due to catholic support- true or not liberals more reliant on catholic support than ever.
              • Giolitti resigned after the concessions further angered socialists and anticlerical liberals who in the spring of 1914 withdrew their support after the claims by Gentilonis on their pact


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