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  • Jack
    • Controlling (authoritarian leadership)
      • 'The boy who controlled them'  from the beginning Jack has power over the choir
      • 'He shouted an order and they halted'
      • "I ought to be chief" - tries to assert his authority
      • "I'm going to be chief" - no vote or democracy
      • "I'm chapter chorister" - tries to use home life to influence boys
      • 'The mask compelled them' - other boys fear the consequence of disobeying Jack
      • "Jack broke in" - doesn't respect Ralph's leadership
    • Descent into savagery
      • "Ape-like" - devolving back to primitive qualities
      • 'The compulsion to track down and kill' - becoming obsessed by hunting
      • "You need an army - for hunting" - making excuses for his pre-occupation with hunting
      • Paganism & the loss of christianity
        • "Kill the pig. cut her throat spill her blood" - chanting
        • "This head is for the beast. It's a gift" - offerings
      • 'His laughter became a blood thirsty snarling' - animalistic and predatory
    • Violent
      • 'Jack drew his knife' - weaponary - catalyst of violence
      • 'Jack slammed his knife into a trunk' - destructive and aggressive to nature
      • "What a place for a fort!" - connotations to war
      • "You shut up!" - tones of threat
      • 'Stuck his fist into Piggy's stomach" - bullies weakest target
      • 'Jack had him by the hair and was brandishing his knife'
    • Appearance
      • "Tall, thin and bony"
      • "Ugly without silliness" - not a target for bullying - unlike piggy
      • 'Stark naked, save for paint and a belt' - savagery shown through appearance
      • 'Fierce, dirty face' - losing civilised appearance


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