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  • capacity of short term memory - Jacobs
    • method
      • jacobs tested the capacity for digits and letters in stm
      • used immediate digit span task
      • participants read lists then immediatey recited them back
      • the length of the sequence gradually increased
    • findings
      • 7.3 letters remembered
      • 9.3 numbers remembered
      • jacobs suggested that more numbers could be remembered because there are only 10 numbers, but 26 letters
    • limitations
      • can not explain indivudal differences in stm
      • the amount remembered can be affected by age
        • 8 year olds could only remember 6.6 digits, 19 year olds could remember 8.6 digits
      • as we age there may be changes in brain capacity or we could develop strategies to improve it
        • this suggests the capacity of stm is not fixed, and that individual differences could have an affect


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