James I - Religion - 1603-24

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  • James I - Religion
    • Hampton Court Conference
      • James had persuaded the bishops to accept a number of reforms as he hoped to win over puritans and isolate the extremists.
        • The reforms agreed on included that as far as possible a preaching minister should be provided in every parish and pluralism is to be limited.
          • This meant that bishops had less power as they could nor dismiss ministers on their sole decision.
      • The Thirty-nine articles were to be explained in more detail and a new translation of the bible provided.
      • However, James saw this as a threat to his power as if the power of the bishops was questioned his could be to.
    • James accommodating Puritans
      • James appointed Calvinist bishops when he could because most of them encouraged preaching.
        • This meant that Puritans could preach on a Sunday afternoon.
          • However, they had 'safe subjects' thus limiting their freedom.
      • There were minor reforms of the Book of Common Prayers such as the word 'disciple' being removed.
    • Promoting Armenians
      • George Abbot a Calvinist and allowed Puritan preaching
        • Abbot was also part of the Anti-Howard Coalition.
          • They wanted to defend Protestantism and attack Spain.
          • It was important because they opposed the Lady Frances’ divorce from the Earl of Essex and continued to push for more action against Spain.
          • They also challenged the rise of Arminianism.
    • Book of Sports
      • People could par take in recreational fun only after attending a Church of England service.
        • Church of England
      • Puritans hated it and some refused to have fun while others bunted the book.
    • Accepting Puritan Bills in Parliament
      • The Millinery Petition
        • This was a list of requests from the Puritans
      • James was willing to accept Puritan petitions on 'profane swearing'
    • Synod of Dort
      • James defended Calvinism against the Dutch Arminian faction.
    • Plots
      • The Bye Plot
        • This was a conspiracy, by Roman Catholic priests and Puritans wanting more tolerance to their religions by kidnapping James.
      • The Gunpowder Plot
        • This was a failed assassination attempt on James that aimed for a Catholic rule be established.
      • The Main Plot
        • This was an alleged plan by Catholic nobles to remove James and replace him with his cousin, the Catholic Arabella
    • Church of England
    • Tolerance to Catholics
      • James did not increase recusancy or penal laws against Catholics
        • This was despite Parliament pushing for stronger recusancy fines.
        • However, in 1604 all Jesuits were ordered to leave England and then recusancy fines were collected in full.


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