JB Priestley as Inspector Goole

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  • J.B. Priestley as Inspector Goole
    • J.B. Priestley
      • he didn't agree with the capitalist views of the society at the time
      • he used the inspector and the younger characters to voice his opinons
        • he set it in 1912 because the era represented the opposite of what people wanted in 1912
      • much of his work conveyed politically charged message
      • he had socialist views
    • Inspector Goole
      • the inspector is the voice of JB Priestley
      • showed the characters that everyone should be responsible for their actions
      • what you do one day will impact what someone will do the next
      • represents morality
      • Priestley's idea as to how society should be
    • Capitalism
      • what you earn you keep
      • don't share anything
      • BAD
      • what Priestley didn't like
    • Socialism
      • what you earn you share
      • give away things
      • GOOD
      • what Priestley liked


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