Jekyll and Hyde. Plot Summery.

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  • Jekyll and Hyde. Plot Summery.
    • 1) Utterson hears the story of how Hyde, Jekyll's friend, trampled on a girl.
    • 2) Utterson meets Hyde and is shocked. He wonders why his respectable friend could befriend such a person.
    • 3) A year later, Carew is murdered by Hyde. Jekyll is deeply affected by this and refuses to speak to anybody. Hyde goes missing.
    • 4) Utterson goes to speak to Lanyon because he is concerned about Jekyll. Lanyon refuses to speak about Jekyll and hands Utterson a letter that must only be opened at the disappearance or death of Jekyll.
    • 7) Utterson reads Jekyll's confession which reveals the true identity of Mr Hyde.
    • 6) As Jekyll has disappeared, Utterson reads Dr Lanyon's letter which tells him the true nature of Jekyll's experiments.
    • 5) In the middle of the night, Utterson is summoned to Jekyll's house where he breaks down the laboratory door and discovers a dead man. Utterson reads Jekyll's newly amended will and takes Jekyll's confession to read at home.


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