Jembatan Besi vs Norhtwood

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  • Jembatan Besi vs Northwood
    • Jembatan Besi, Indonesia
      • Jakarta
        • Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia
        • 10.6 million live in Jakarta
        • Wealthiest 10% has access to nearly 30% of the countries wealth
        • Poorest 10% have access to 2.9% of the countries wealth
      • Jembatan Besi is a slum in Jakarta around 4km from the city centre
        • Population of >31,000 crammed in to 0.523km² making the population density 59,948/km²
      • Social conditions
        • Health is a major concern.
        • Open sewers run in the streets
        • No clean running water
        • Polluted groundwater as built on a former waste tip
        • Cholera and Typhoid is common
        • Air pollution is very high from the use of kerosene for cooking and emissions from the city
        • Cannot afford to complete education
      • Economic conditions
        • Average income is US$4/day but isn't a regular income
        • Mostly self-employment in Jembatan Besi
          • Selling food or second hand goods is common
          • Garment industry is large in Jembatan Besi
            • Little protection within this industry with very few health and safety precautions
      • Housing Conditions
        • Huge fire hazard due to overcrowding and kerosene use
          • Electrical wiring also increases this risk due to overloading.
        • First floor is relatively well built using timber and brick
          • Stories above that were built using any materials they could find
        • As population keeps increasing, housing grows in height
        • Houses have no direct sunlight due to narrow alleys and tall buildings.
      • Future
        • Urban authorities are trying to make inroads into the worst parts
        • Slums aren't going in the foreseeable future
        • Strong sense of community in them so don't want it to be cleared
    • Northwood, California
      • Economic conditions
        • Median income US$113,000 a year
        • National average US$63,000
        • Good access to employment
          • Number of well established TNC's
            • Kia, Mazda, Toshiba
      • Social conditions
        • Healthcare is excellent
        • Air pollution is relatively low as it avoids the smog of LA
        • 5 high schools several tertiary education facilities
        • 68.5% of residents aged 25+ (20.5% possess masters or doctorates)
        • Crime rate is 61% lower than national average
        • Half the residents are white, second most being from Asia (mainly Vietnam)
      • Housing conditions
        • Most households own their own home (91%)
        • Average household size is 2.8 persons
        • Many streets are lined with trees
      • General
        • 49,000 people living in just under 18,000 households
        • Nearly half of households are families with children
      • Future
        • Even during downturns in the economy employment was still high


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