Jennifer Coates

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  • Jennifer Coates (1989,1991)
    • Topic & topic development
      • Talk is central to women's friendships
      • Talk is central to women's friendships
      • Talk is central to women's friendships
    • Minimal Responses
      • Mark their recognition of different stages of conversation
      • To signal their active listener-ship & support for each other
    • Hedges
      • Mitigated utterances encourage discussion (prevent speakers talking hard-line)
      • To respect the face needs of all participants
      • Encourage the participation of others
      • Encourage the participation of others
    • Questions
      • Often function as info devices
      • Used to invite others to participate
      • Check what's said is acceptable to all present
      • Hardly seen as a sign of weakness
      • Info questions are rare
      • Women avoid role of 'expert' in friendly conversations
    • Tag questions
      • Can be tentative
        • To encourage other people to have  confidence to give their own opinion
      • Asking for reassurance
      • Can be supportive/ powerful
      • Encourage responses
      • Mitigate/ lessen the impact of response being negative
    • Turn-taking
      • Permits a more multi-layered development of topic
      • Listeners ask questions or make comments as signals of listenership
      • Common in simultaneous speech
      • Common in simultaneous speech
    • Chief goal to maintain good social relationships then co-operative conversation strategies are very powerful





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