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  • Jesus
    • Jesus' life
      • The account of Jesus' life is found in
    • Jesus as Son of God
    • Jesus as Messiah
    • Jesus as Lord of Saviour
      • Christians refer to Jesus as their Saviour.
      • After the Fall, the relationship between humans and God was broken, and due to that all humans have been born with original sin
      • Jesus was sent to Earth by God to take the punishment from God and repair the relationship between humans and God
      • In the Book of Romans, the punishment for sin was death. Jesus' death was enough to pay for all human sin because he wasn't born with original sin
      • Jesus returned from the dead and came back to life because he wasn't just fully human, but also fully God.
      • Jesus' death lead to God's forgiveness and the relationship between God and humans restored
        • Christians believe Jesus made it possible for humans to have an afterlife with God. Christians try to follow Jesus' example in their lives. He is seen as their Lord.
      • The Hebrew word for Lord is Adonai. Adonai is a plural word, and shows Jesus is part of the Trinity and in control of the universe. This shows His divine authority.
      • In Romans 10:9, Paul teaches declaring Jesus as Lord is the route to Salvation.
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