Jewish resistance against the Nazis

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  • Jewish Resistance during Nazi Germany.
    • Sobibor uprising
      • Sobibor was a death camp in Poland.
      • In total an estimated 170,000 to 250,000 people were murdered at Sobibor.
      • On October 14 1943, prisoners in Sobibor killed 11 members of the camp's ** staff.
      • Close to 300 prisoners escaped, by breaking through the barbed wire.
        • At least 100 others were caught and killed during the massive manhunt conducted by the **.
        • Out of the 200 escapees who were not immediately caught, only about 50 survived the war.
      • Resistance was sparked by the fact that less people were being sent to the gas chambers.
        • This created a rumour among the prisoners that the killing centre would soon be destroyed  and all the prisoners would be murdered.
      • The uprising began around 4:00 in the afternoon of October 14, 1943.
      • Soon after the uprising Sobibor was dismantled including  the killing facilities and all evidence of what really happened.
    • Treblinka Uprising
      • Treblinka was originally constructed in 1941 for the 'Final solution'.
      • The camp had  both a forced labour site at Treblinka I and an  extermination site at Treblinka II.
      • On 2 August 1943 prisoners set camp buildings on fire and attempted to rush the main gate.
        • Despite facing machine guns, several hundred prisoners managed to escape the deadly camp.
          • More than half were then traced and killed by the Nazis.
      • The uprising brought Treblinka to an end.
        • Only 67 people are known to have survived the camp.
    • Irena Sendlerowa
      • Irena Sendlerowa was a social worker in Warsaw.
      • She directed a children's rescue group to smuggle Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto.
      • She provided them with false papers.
      • Eventually she was found out and was put in Pawiak prison, touterd for information she gave nothing away.
        • She was set for execution but her friends perswaded the Gestapo out of it.
      • In the end she mannaged to smuggle nearly 2,500 children out of the ghettos.


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