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  • Jim - Case Study
    • About Jim
      • Age - 93
      • Ethnicity  - White British
      • Medication
        • Frusemide
          • Nifedipine
            • Iron Tablets
      • Religion - Methodist
      • GP - Dr Singh
    • Multidisciplinary team
      • GP
      • Pharmacist
      • Home Care Agency - Care Manager, Care Workers
      • Consultant (Renal Medicine)
      • Consultant (Cardiology)
    • History
      • Jim has been referred to a care home for support with his personal care, taking medication, supporting with breakfast and preparing a cooked lunch.
      • Needs help in the home with laundry.
      • Cleaner comes once a week
      • He has been in hospital after a fall at home
      • Recently diagnosed with heart failure and stage three renal failure.
      • Has high blood pressure which is controlled by meds.
      • Wife died 10 years ago.
      • He has one daughter who lives about 60 miles away.
      • He has lived in a bungalow for about 30 years and is close friends with his neighbour who is a similar age.
      • Interested in football.
      • Next door neighbour is also a keen footie fan, comes over and watches games with him also takes him to football matches occassionally.
      • He had previously been playing bowls  but is now frightened of falling so he does not always play.
      • He attends the Methodist chapel in the village most Sundays.
      • He is still driving although his daughter is concerned after an incident with another vehicle
        • He feels driving is necessary for his social life.
    • Maintaining a Safe Environment
      • NEED - Jim has had several falls at home, He now has a lifeline alarm that he can press if he needs help.
        • PLAN - Encourage Jim to check his lifeline is working - Sunday AM
      • NEED - He likes to be independent however he tries to do everything for himself. Usually up and dressed when care staff arrive.
        • PLAN - Ensure there are no rugs or other trip hazards on arrival and when leaving.
      • NEED -  He requires frusemide twice a day and warfarin once.
        • PLAN - Ensure daily medication is taken.
      • NEED - Collect medication from pharmacy and re-order repeat prescription.
        • PLAN - Dispense weekly medication into the medidos wallet on Sunday PM, Ensure medication is stored safely, Last Friday of each month.
    • Breathing
      • NEED - Jim has no diagnosed respiratory problems but does get short of breath relating to his kidney failure.
        • PLAN - Encourage Jim to sit down if he is short of breath.
    • Sleeping
      • NEED - Jim is often tired due to his condition and dozes in his chair.


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