Mindmap of ways Johnson increased involvement against North Vietnam

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  • Increased Involvement Johnson
    • Gulf of Tonkin August 1964
      • US warship (USS Maddox) Claimed to have been attacked by North Vietnamese Torpedos
      • Congress passed Gulf of Tonkin resolution
        • This let Johnson take direct military action
      • February 1965
        • Viet Cong attacked American airbases and killed American Soldiors
          • Johnson declared war against North Vietnamese July 1965
    • Operation Rolling Thunder 2nd March 1965
      • Programme of bombing of north Vietnam
      • Designed to slowly increase intensity
        • Against the advice of air staffwho wanted an all out approach  (this was effecting in WW2)
    • Operation Steel Tiger (April 1965)
      • Programme bombing against targets along Ho Chi Minh trail in southern Laos.
    • Nepalm
      • Developed in the WW2 and used in Korea
        • mIxture of gasoline and thickening agents to stick to human skin
        • Dropped from fighter-bombers
    • Defoliates
      • January 1962
        • US used herbicides to kill trees and plants to expose communist guerrillas
        • Most common herbicide was agent orange
    • Increase in personnel in South Vietnam
      • Johnson took Westmoreland and Macnamara's advice and increased personnel to 125,000
      • December 1967
        • 485,600 US military personnel
      • December 1965
        • 184,300 US military personnel
    • Search and destroy
      • Favoured by Westmoreland


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