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  • justification
    • through faith
      • St paul: letter to romans explaining how justification is a gift of God which we respond to with faith: good moral conduct is then an expression of this faith - cannot achieve justification through works due to origional sin
      • Martin Luther: doctrine of sola fide eg. through faith alone - justification is a product of atonement and faith is passive = good conduct is the result of faith
    • through works
      • Letter from James = "faith doesn't keep a poorper warm" / "faith without works is dead"
      • parable of the sheep and goats: Matthew - how you act within the image of God determinedswhether you are justified
    • through faith and works = position of the catholic church
      • respond to atonement through faith and aim to live your life in a way that plases God to achieve justification
      • Youcat: "In the Holy spirit... we die to sin and are born again in God"


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