Karl Rahner on the Trinity

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  • Karl Rahner
    • economic trinity is immanent trinity
    • history of grace within human history was intentional on God's part
    • 'God is perfect'
      • a perfect being cannot lie
    • highlighting God's mystery without dissolving his hiddenness
    • Father
      • 'God as such'
    • Son / Word / Logos
      • distinct 'modes of subsisting'
      • God self communicates as 'knowledge'
    • Spirit
      • distinct 'modes of subsisting'
      • God self communicates as 'love
    • strengths
      • avoids modalism
      • consistent with God of grace
      • mystery is confirmed - he can only be known through economic trinity
    • weaknesses
      • Jurgen Moltmann - modes of subsisting is actually modalism
      • monarchia of the Father
        • Father = God
        • modal monarchism
      • if Son and Spirit are 'modes of subsisting'...
        • leads to subordinationism


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