Kennedy's Foreign Policy

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  • JFK's Foreign Policy
    • Berlin
      • Vienna Summit  June1961
        • focused on Berlin, Vietnam and Laos
        • Kennedy admitted that Khrushchev "savaged" him
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      • 13 Aug 1961- barbed wire barrier between East and West was built
        • travel between was strictly controlled
        • shot on site for illicit crossing
        • the building of the wall reduced Europe's tension
      • JFK wasn't criticised by Reps. or the media for the wall
        • "a wall is better than a war"
        • Dean Rusk exploited the situation for propaganda
    • Vietnam
      • U.S propped up Catholic dictator Diem
      • Journalist Stanley Karnow warned JFK about the situation in 1961
      • JFK saw Vietnam as a military problem and not a diplomatic one
        • Sanctioned build- up of advisors and aid
          • went from 800 MAAG in 1960 to 23,000 MAAG in 1963
      • Kennedy used 'flexible response' to combat the defeats they got in Vietnam
        • 'strategic hamlets'
          • created resentment for the U.S among the Viets
      • Macmillan PM of Britain and de Gaulle warned JFK about further involvement
    • Cuba
      • Jan 1959- Castro deposes U.S backed dictator Batista
      • Bay of Pigs April 1961
        • 1.4K invasion of exiles in Cuba were captured and surrendered
        • embarrassing U.S defeat and solidified Castro's regime
      • 13 Days (Cuban Missile Crisis)
        • 19 Oct- Excomm narrow it down to a blockade with an airstrike as backup
        • 24 Oct- 10AM quarantine zone is in force
        • 25 Oct- @ Un Adlai reveals the missiles in Cuba
        • 26 Oct- Khrush 1st Telegram: missiles were defensive and will be removed
        • 27 Oct- Khrush wants missiles out of Turkey too
          • JFK only replies to first one but secretly agrees to second one
            • Curtis Le May: "the greatest defeat in our history"


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