Kett's rebellion - 1549

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  • Kett's rebellion - 1549
    • Causes
      • Hatred of govt officials
      • Govt failure to stop enclosure
      • Local maladministration
      • Collapse of local textile industry
    • Events
      • Didn't march towards London
        • Set up camp in Norwich
      • Ran peaceful campaigns
        • To end enclosure
        • Improve local govt
        • Secure better clergymen
      • 21st Jul - Rebels began firing on Norwich
        • 22nd Jul - Rebels had control of the city
      • Earl of Warwick tried and failed to re-capture Norwich
        • Rebels defeated by forces led by Northumberland
    • Aims
      • Prevent land lords abusing positions of power
      • Priests be able to preach to poor and wealthy
      • Even distribution of profits from common land
      • Land price and rents as they were under Henry VIII
      • Maintain conservatism and traditional rights
      • Stop livestock grazing on land of tenants
    • Successes of rebellion
      • The camp was well disciplined and organised
      • Little sign of violence
        • No direct threat to govt
    • Failures of rebellion
      • Kett made no move to advance towards London
      • Deprived of supplies
      • Military miscalculations by Kett led to a bloody defeat
        • 3,000 rebels killed


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