Key Armada Facts

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  • Key Armada Facts
    • Key Dates
      • Armada left in May 1588
      • 28th July 8 old ships were set on fire and sent to the Spanish.
      • The war started in 1588.
      • 8 August Elizabeth gives a speech to soldiers at Tilbury.
    • Gravelines Battle
      • English
        • The ships were a tactical advantage.
          • Broke Spanish formation.
        • They fined broadsides which did a lot of damage as they were very close.
    • Ships
      • Fireships
        • 28th July 8 ships were set alight and drifted towards the Spanish's ships.
      • Naval commander Hawkins spent years improving English ships.
      • They were lighter, faster and more manoeuvarable than the Spanish.
    • Leadership & Resources
      • English
        • Lord Howard got his place due to family [Liz's cousin] but he was extremely experienced in hit and run attacks.
        • Francis Drake was second to him as England's pirate.
        • They had no full time army. 20,000 people were gathered. 200 ships and 34 battleships.
      • Spanish
        • Duke of Medina Sidona, senior noblemen, no experience.
        • Huge amounts of resources. Rich country.


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