Key assumptions of the core studies

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  • Key assumptions of psychology
    • cogntive
      • 2. The mind is like an information processing computer
      • 1. Mental processes help us to understand human behaviour
      • 3. People make decisions as to how they behave
    • behaviourism
      • 2. We do not need to be concerned with internal processes, only external, observable behaviour
      • 1. Humans and non-humans are only quantitatively different and so, generalisations about behaviour can be made across species
      • 3. We learn through one of three ways: Classical conditioning, operant conditioning or social learning
    • individual differences
      • 3. All human characteristics can be measured from one person and quanitified
      • 2. Every individual is genetically unique and this uniqueness is displayed through their behaviour. So everyone behaves differently
      • 4. All psychological characteristics are inherited and as everyone inherits different characteristics, everyone is different and unique
      • 1. Individuals differ in their behaviour and personal qualities so not everyone can be considered 'the average person'
    • social
      • 1. Human behaviour is influenced by the individual situation as well as individual characteristics
      • 2. We can understand human behaviour in terms of influence by individuals and groups
    • developmental
      • 1. People change and develop with age
      • 2. Human development is an interaction of the influences of nature/nurture
    • psychodynamic
      • 3. If conflicts in childhood aren't resolved, they can cause issues in adulthood
      • 2. Childhood is a critical period of development
      • 1. Human behvaiour is a dynamic process and early experience leads us to believe in a predictable way
    • biological
      • 2. Direct relationship between biology of the brain and human behaviour
      • 1. All behaviour can be explained and understood in terms of functioning of biological systems
      • 3.  Behaviour can be reduced to the functioning of biological systems


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