Characters in the Aeneid

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  • Key Characters in the Aeneid
    • Trojans
      • Aeneas: Hero of the Book
      • Anchises: Father to Aeneas
      • Achates: Friend to Aeneas
      • Ascanius: Son of Aeneas
      • Hector: Prince of Troy
      • Priam: King of Troy
      • Palinurus: Crew of Aeneas
      • Misenus: Crew of Aeneas
      • Sinon: Greek who betrays Troy
    • Women
      • Creusia: Aeneas' first wife
      • Dido: Queen of Carthage
      • Anna: Dido's Sister
      • Lavinia: The new 'Helen' - Aeneas' 2nd Wife
      • Camilla: Warrior for Turnus
      • Amata: Lavinia's Mother
      • Juturna: Turnus' Sister
    • the Rutulians and Latium
      • Turnus: Nemesis of Aeneas for the second half of the Book
      • Latinus: King of the Latins
      • Evander: King, Father of Pallas and sworn enemy of the Latins
      • Pallas: Evander's Son
      • Drances: Latin Leader who questions Turnus' motives
      • Mezentius: Fighter for Turnus
      • Lausus: Mezentius' Son, killed by Aeneas
    • Immortals and Supernatural
      • Juno: Nemesis of Aeneas and Troy
      • Venus: Aeneas' Mother
      • Jupiter: King of the Gods
      • Neptune: God of the Sea
      • Aeolus: God of the Winds
      • Mercury: Messenger God
      • Cupid: God of ****** Love
      • Allecto: A fury
      • Vulcan: Venus' husband, makes the shield


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