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  • Key events of October 1917 Revolution
    • Important steps before October
      • July Days-Lenin more emphasis on 'Peace, Land and Bread'
      • Kornilov Revolt = more people convinced a military dictatorship would happen
      • Lenin encouraged 41 Bolshevik newspapers
      • Bolsheviks established Red Guards
      • Bolsheviks dominated Petrograd Soviets
    • Role of Trotsky
      • Responsible for the coup
      • Only joined Bolsheviks in May
      • In charge of Military RevolutionaryCommittee
    • Military Revolutionary  Committee
      • October 24-Prov Gov attempted to close 2 Bolshevik newspapers
      • After attempt-Lenin ordered for take over of power to begin
    • All Russia Soviet
      • Delegates met-October 25-Bolsheviks dominated
      • Supported the removal of the Prov Gov
      • Made it easy for Lenin to try and consolidate power
    • Storming the Winter Palace
      • Red Guards occupied most of the important building
      • October 25-Trotsky and Red Guards arrested majority of Prov Gov
      • Limited resistance due to being defended by female troops and cadets


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