Key Individuals: Presidents pt. 2 (Topic 1)

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  • Key Individuals
    • Truman (Democrat) 1945-1953: Fair Deal. Proved himself a strong president that was prepared to take action. Decided to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945). 1950- Went to war to save S. Korea from communism. Limited success in attempts to end racial discrimination. Negative media presence. Mcarthy scandal
    • Eisenhower (Republican) 1953-1961: The New Look. Successful within the army.
    • JFK (Democrat) 1961-1963: Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall. Involved in CR's. New Frontier
    • Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) 1963-1969: Pushed a Civil Rights Bill through Congress. 1965 - Created the Great Society programme - committed his administration to a war on poverty, racial equality, educational reform and housing improvements. His CR's legislation and Medicate helped to improve many lives. After 1965 he escalated US involvement in the Vietnam War (even though he promised not to do so in his election). Led to many anti-war protests. He became extremely unpopular.
    • Nixon (Republican) 1969-1974: Wanted to represent the views of Middle America. Wanted to win support from white Southerners. He wasn't liked or trusted but he de-escalated the Vietnam war in 1973 by signing the Paris Peace Accords. Improved USSR and China relations. Wasn't as successful in dealing with economic problems. Kent state shooting
      • Watergate Scandal: Broke into the Democratic Party headquaters during the 1972 elections to discover their plans - Nixon denied any involvement. Nixon resigned in 1974 instead of facing an impeachment
    • Ford (Republican) 1974-1977: Lost support after he pardoned Nixon. However, helped to restore stability after Watergate. Continued Nixon's detente policies
    • Carter (Democrat) 1977-1981: USA was in a nation crisis - inflation (due to rising oil prices and government overspending) and a balance of trade deficit and unemployment. USSR was winning the Cold War. Carter failed at handling the Iran hostage crisis. His admin was involved in several scandals. He had a lack of leadership


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