Key Media Theorists

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  • Key Theorists
    • Media Representations
      • Stuart Hall
        • Media language is used to create representations. Stereotyping is often used to assert power
      • Lisbet Van Zoonen
        • Men and women are represented differently in the media. Women are objectified as result of Western culture
      • David Gauntlett
        • We use the internet and other media texts to help us to create our identity. We now have more of a variety of representations to identify with
      • bell hooks
        • Feminism is a political struggle to end patriarchaldomination. Other factors affect this domination, including race and class
      • Judith Butler
        • Gender is a social construction. 'Masculine' and 'Feminine' are created through representation
      • Paul  Gilroy
        • Even though we no longer have colonies, the per presentation of these groups is still affected by this time
    • Media Language
      • Roland Barthes
        • All elements of a media text are codes that need to be  read. These can all be understood as the thing they are (denotative level) and the responces they create (connotative level)
      • Steve Neale
        • Genre is recognised usable but does change over time or borrow from other genres. Genre is important to institutions because it helps them to market texts
      • Tzvetan Todorov
        • Narrative follows a pattern of equilibrium--> disruption --> new equilibrium
      • Claude Levi-Strauss
        • The conflict between binary oppositions drives forward the narrative
      • Jean Baudrillard
        • The lines between created texts and reality are becoming blurred. Hyper- Reality
    • Media Industries
      • Livingstone and Lunt
        • Who is regulation for? Can regulation keep up with new technology?
      • Curran and Seaton
        • If we had more of a variety of media companies we'd have more of a variety of texts
      • David Hesmondhalgh
        • Industry uses tried and tested strategies to appeal to us - but we should be concerned that only a few companies hold a lot of power
    • Media Audiences
      • Albert Bandura
        • If an audience sees aggressive behaviour they are likely to mimic it. ( This theory is often over simplified and criticised)
      • George Gerbner
        • The more  we see the same representations and messages the more we believe they are true
      • Stuart Hall
        • Producers want audiences to respond in particular ways to a text. Some audiences do (preferred),some don't (oppositional), some are in the middle (negotiated)
      • Henry Jenkins
        • The internet has allowed fans to gather and create their own texts and easily share their work. Instead of just consuming the texts, audiences are creating them
      • Clay Shirky
        • We are now more likely to use the internet and other technologies to respond to texts, including creating our own


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