Key people, Origins and Meaning

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  • Key people, Origins and Meaning
    • St Augustine of Hippo
      • An early Catholic theologian. who believed the universe was created from nothing
      • Believed the universe was created from nothing.
    • Fr Georges Lemaitre
      • Catholic priest, astronomer, and professor of Physics.
      • The Big Bang theory
    • Aristotle
      • Ancient Greek philosopher
      • The cosmos had always existed.
      • Always been matter
    • Michaelangelo
      • Italian artist
      • Painted the Sistine chapel
      • The Creation of Adam
    • Charles Darwin
      • An English naturalist, geologist and biologist.
      • Theory of Evolution
      • Natural Selection
    • Richard Dawkins
      • Professor and British scientist
      • Most famous atheist
      • Cannot be sane if you disbelieve evolution
    • St Catherine of Siena
      • Deep spiritual faith
      • Passionate about awareness of God
      • God loved everyone because of imago dei
    • Peter Singer
      • Australian Humanist
      • Moral philosopher
      • Ideas to do with abortion and value of life that can be seen as controversial
    • John Hick
      • Influential philosopher of religion in second half of 20th century
      • British
      • Religious epistemology, Philosophical theology and religious pluralism
      • Ground breaking research.


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