Key Terms

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  • Key Terms
    • Halal
      • Food that is prepared according to Islamic law that is set down in the Quran
        • How animals are killed
        • How meat is prepared for consumption
    • Kosher
      • Food this is prepared and consumed according to Jewish dietary laws
        • Covers permitted and forbidden food
    • Assistive technology
      • Any tool or strategy used to help people with disabilities to reach their goals
    • Consultant
      • A senior doctor who provides specialist healthcare support in their area of expertise
      • Usually in a hospital
    • Domiciliary care
      • Care provided in the service users homes
        • District nurses
          • Home care workers
            • Health visitors
    • Psychotherapy
      • A type of therapy used to treat emotional and mental health
        • Done by talking to a trained therapist in a one-to-one or group session
    • Informal care
      • Care and support provided by someone who is unpaid and has had no training
        • Relatives
        • Friends
        • Professional care can also be provided in addition
    • Independence
      • The ability to make their own choices and carry out daily tasks on their own
    • Complementary therapies
      • A wide range of treatments designed to be holistic
      • Acupuncture
        • Aromatherapy
          • Reflexology
    • Holistic
      • To provide support that looks at the whole person
      • Physical
        • Emotional
          • Social
            • Intellectual
    • Rehabilitation
      • The process of restoring a person to good health
        • Surgery
          • An accident
            • Illness
              • Addiction
    • Safeguarding
      • Policies to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected from harm, abuse, and neglect
        • Health and wellbeing is being promoted
    • Adaptions
      • A change made t a service users home to make it more accessible and safer
    • Cerebral Palsy
      • A group of disorders that affects a persons ability to move and maintain balance and posture.


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