Key Features of the Presidential Campaign

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  • Key Features of Presidential Campaigns
    • To win they must:
      • Energise the base, enthuse core voters!
      • Win over independent voters
      • Create momentum for the campaign
        • Raise funds
        • Create an electoral bandwagon
    • Factors to be taken into account:
      • The huge size of the USA and the diversity of the voters
      • The need to win EC votes by focusing on swing states
      • The need to target 'swing voters' in key states
      • Cannot rely on aligned voters
      • The 'incumbency effect'
    • Appeal to voters on the basis of:
      • Their party identification
      • Their personal charecteristics
      • The policy positions they take on important issues
      • Their performance and experience
    • Persuade voters through:
      • Old style, whistle stop campaigns
      • The great debates on television
      • Focus groups
      • Political advertising through the mass media and modern technology


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