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  • Key government policies impacting on sport and physical activity
    • GAME PLAN is the most recent major policy regarding sport and was implemented in 2002
    • Equity in Sport
      • Government wants the country to have the opportunity to do sport
    • Facilites
      • Local Authorities are the providers of sport and recreation facilties as they are best placed to make decisions about the direction of tax-payers money
    • Health
      • The governments overall objective is to increase participation levels of all people to ensure that society achieves the minimum levels of physical activity necessary for maintaining health
    • Local Authorities
      • Local authorities have been highlighted as the largest providers for sporting opportunities.
        • This encourages people to live healthy, active lifestyles, particularly young people
    • Sports development:
      • - Proactive, planned and with achievable outcomes
      • - Concerned with change, expansion and growth
      • - Relevant to local needs
      • - Enables others to provide opportunities
    • Key messages from policies
      • Important health benefits of active pareticipation in sport
      • The importance of young people taking part in sport, in and out of school, and maintaining this participation


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