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  • Keywords
    • Income - money you revice over a period of time e.g wages/benefits
    • Wealth - thing you own that are valuable e.g car, house property, land , buisness
    • Life chances - refers to the oportunities you have of achieving positve (good job, good education) or negative (unemployment, sent to prison) outcomes
    • Ascribed Status - born into the postion eg king
    • Achieved status- throught hard work and talent e.g. doctor
    • Social Inequalities - people do not have equal life chance or wealth, income and status
    • Status- refers to how you are viewed by the people around you, people with a lot of status are usually seen as important and have a lot of power. people with good jobs have the most staus.
    • Power- the ability to influence and change thing for yourself e.g get the government to act as you want them to
    • Meritocratic- that society is fair and if you work hard and are good at what you do you will be rewarded.
    • Social exclution- when people do not part in society, they are not included in decition making or part of the community.
    • Deprivation - lack of reources e.g money and food


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