Khrushchev and East West relations

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  • Topic 9
    • Khrushchev's secret speech
      • Attributed Stalins mistakes and misuse of gulags and the secret police
      • Calculated risk by him as he could be heavily judged
      • Discouraged Stalins 'cult of personality'
      • Criticised Stalins several violations of socialist legality
      • West was dissapointed that De-Stalinization did not lead to bigger liberal privillage
      • Was Stalins late governor and was seen as a traitor to fellow late senates
      • Blamed everything on Stalin instead of all senior members of the Stalin rule
      • Did not mention the massive state violence and famine or repression of intelectuals
    • Hungarian uprising
      • Causes of the uprising
        • Thought that the UN would help
        • They were poor and resources were being sent to Russia
        • They were Patriotic and hated Russian rule
        • De-Stalinization caused out of control behaviour
      • Course of events
        • 23rd October- Students, workers and soldiers riot and pull down Stalins statue
        • 24th October- Imre Nagy takes over
        • 28th October- Russian army pulled out of Hungary
        • 29th October- Government introduced freedom of speech and religion
        • 4th November- 1000 tanks came into Budapest and obver 4000 Hungarians died while fighting the Russians
      • Consequence of the Uprising
        • The 'thaw' in the Cold war was over
        • Janos Kadar took over from Imre Nagy
        • Nagy was executed
        • 200,000 Hungarian refugees fled to Austria
        • Russia stayed in control and no other riots happened for 12 years
    • The Polish uprising
      • Workers demanded 1. higher wages for industrial workers 2. Greater freedom for the Catholic church 3. To end collectivisation of agriculture
      • 28th of June the workers strike and then martial law was imposed on Poland
      • 23rd October Gomulka agrees that Poland will remain communist and stay a member of the Warsaw pact
    • Austrian State Treaty
      • Removed a lot of tension between the powers
      • All 4 powers agreed to withdraw from Austria
      • 1955 Austria adapted their policy of neutrality
      • The west withdrew military from Western Germany


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