king lear critic viewpoints

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  • king lear critical viewpoints
    • Ian House
      • emphasises the dynamic relation between the main and subplots, saying that comparisons unsettle and illuminate our understanding of the story's principle
      • the subplots multiply and enhance the effect of the universal action and themes
    • George Williams
      • the storm is directly linked to lear's disordered mind, disrupted families, and the divided kingdom
      • the storm has a restorative effect for lear - he has to live through it "to be cured of evil"
      • language evoking the old  testament flood and the new testament last judgement
    • Marilyn Gaull
      • divine love - associated with universal order
      • ****** love - chaos and destruction
      • lear's choice of corrupt, ****** love over divine love results in emasculation and ********* of traditional roles while goneril and regan gain power


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