King Lear critics quotes

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    • Jan Kott - "King Lear is a play about the disintegration of the world"
    • Samuel Johnson (on the gouging out of Gloucester's eyes) - " act too horrid to be endured in dramatic exhibition"
    • Coppelia Kahn - " is interesting that there is no literal mother in King Lear"
      • Kahn - "Lear goes mad because he is unable to accept his dependence on women - his daughters"
    • Thorndike - "Inhuman sisters"
    • A.C. Bradley - "Lear's words are monstrously unjust"
    • Hal Holbrook - "Boisterous, demanding, arrogant. He expects absolute obedience"
    • Johnson - "A play in which the wicked prosper and the virtuous miscarry"
    • Sun - "Under his clothes, the King is equal to the beggar"


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