The Kite runner Chapter 1

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  • Kite Runner Chapter 1
    • What is the chapter about ?
      • December 2001. Starts off with a nameless character who refers back to the winter of 1975. Amir gets a phone call from Rahim Khan. Amir goes for a walk and notices kites flying in San Francisco sky.
        • Amir then recalls Hassan, the hare-lipped kite runner.
    • Location America Afghanistan
      • Narrative Method (Scenes and Places) Shows a positive Afghanistan and Negative America.
        • Time and Sequence. Flashbacks, " I remember the precise moment...frozen creek"
          • Characters Told in 1st person.
            • Voices Limited speech.
            • Point of View Biased Subjective Unreliable  as the first chapter is shown through Amir's POV


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