knowledge of god's existence

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  • knowledge of god
    • natural knowledge/ theology
      • innate knowledge
        • calvin: sensus divinitatis
          • semen religion: we were all seminally present in adam at the time of the fall and OG sin so we all have sin/ knowledge of god
          • natural sense of the divine and god that is accessible to everyone
        • cicero: universal consent
        • everyone has morals within them as we were created in the image of god - imago dei (genesis)
          • innate sense of morality: CS Lewis, Butler, Newman
            • we have feelings of guilt when we do something wrong
        • epistemic distance for Calvin: god makes himself impossible to ignore, humans deliberately choose to ignore him
      • knowledge from the world, etc
        • sunsets,  aurora borealis, etc provoke feelings of awe and wonder which are similar to feelings towards God
        • Calvin: beauty of the world is a "mirror" of god - order reflects god
          • nature is not god itself, but it is a way in which we can learn about him
        • "how majestic is your name in all the earth" psalms
        • creation shows "his eternal power and divine nature"
    • revealed knowledge
      • immediate
        • god makes himself directly known to people
          • Adam and Eve, Abraham,  Moses, everyone who met Jesus
          • religious experiences
            • Paul to Saul: persecuted Christians but then had a REX and lost his sight, then converted Christianity and changed his name to symbolise being "reborn"
        • Christians and non-christians?
        • the bible for some is considered the word of god so is immediate
      • mediate
        • indirect knowledge of god
          • people who listened to Moses talk about god
        • the bible
          • Jesus!
      • needed to gain a fuller knowledge of god as human experience and reason is limited
      • faith
        • belief held despite lack of empirical evidence or in opposition to evidence/ reason
        • aquinas: distinction between faith and scientia, we cannot have knowledge and faith of the same thing
          • faith is also different from opinion because people can change their opinions, faith is more solid and there is less doubt
        • Catholic Church teaches that faith and reason should be used together as both were given to us by god
          • may argue that is it impossible to have faith without knowledge first
            • distinction in Johns gospel about what we know and what we believe
      • gods grace
        • means we are able to have knowledge of god through faith
        • the Holy Spirit


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