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  • L03
    • The Care Act 2014
      • Outlines the way in which local authorities should carry out carer's assessments and needs assessments
      • Determine who is elgible for support
      • How local authorities should charge for both residential care and community care
      • Places new obligations on local authorities
      • Duty on local authorities to promote an individual's 'wellbeing'
      • Continuity of care
      • Duty on local authorities to carry out child's needs assessments
      • An independent advocate to be avaliable
      • Adult safeguarding
      • Local authorities have to guarantee preventative services
    • The Health and social care act 2012
      • Enable patients to have more control over the care they receive and second that those responsible for patient care have the freedom and power to give care
      • No decision about me without me
      • Clinical commissioning groups
      • Health and wellbeing boards
      • Public health
      • Healthwatch
    • The Equality act 2010
      • Protected characteristics
      • Prohibits discrimination
      • Covers victimisation and harassment
      • Right to breastfeed in public places
      • Encourages positive action
      • Pay secrecy clauses are now illegal
    • The Mental capacity act 2005
      • providing a legal framework to allow procedures and safeguards to protect and empower those unable to make some of their own decisions
      • A presumption of capacity
      • Support to make own decisions
      • Unwise decisions
      • Best interests
      • Less restrictive options
    • The Children act 2004
      • Aims to protect children at risk of harm
      • Paramountcy principle
      • The child has a right to be consulted
      • Children have a right to an advocate
      • Encourages partnership working
      • Created the children's commissioner


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