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  • L03
    • The Data protection act 1998
      • Processed fairly and lawfully
      • Used only for the purpose for which it was intended
      • Adequate and relevant but not excessive
      • Accurate and kept up-to-date
      • Kept for no longer than is necessary
      • Processed in line with the rights of the individual
      • Secured
      • Not transferred to other countries outside the EU
    • The care certificate 2014
      • Sets out the minimum standards that should be covered in induction training before members of health care support and social care workforce are allowed to work without supervision
      • The aim of the care certificate is for all care workers to have the same skills & knowledge to provide safe and high quality care and support
      • 1. Understand your role
      • 2. Your personal development
      • 3. Duty of care
      • 4. Equality and diversity
      • 5. Work in a person-centred way
      • 6. Communication
      • 7. Privacy and dignity
      • 8. Fluids and nutrition
      • 9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability
      • 10. Safeguarding adults
      • 11. Safeguarding children
      • 12. Basic life support
      • 13. Health and safety
      • 14. Handling information
      • 15. Infection prevention and control
    • The Children  and families act 2014
      • Role of child commissioner:
        • Commissioner have stronger powers
        • focus on the rights of all children
        • role increased to promoting and protecting the rights of children
      • Parents who have a new child:
        • Parental leave
        • fathers or mothers can take unpaid leave
        • allow both parents to go to clinical appointments
        • allow people who are going to adopt to attend meetings
      • Family courts and justice:
        • 26 week deadline
        • help parents do what is right for their child
        • both parents involved in child's life
      • SEND:
        • introduced education and health care plans
        • children's needs are assessed
        • gives a personal budget to children with a ehc plan
        • families involved in discussions about child care and education
        • schools giving more support to children with medical needs
        • get education, health care an d social care working together
    • The human rights act 1998
      • Right to life
      • Right to respect,privacy and family life
      • Right to liberty and security
      • Right to freedom from discrimination
      • Right to freedom of expression
      • Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion


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