lacey (1970)

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  • Lacey (1970)
    • method : ethnographic study including observations, unstructured interviews and questionnaires and also used documents (from the school) in a boy's grammar school in England.
      • Lacey concepts of differentiation and polarization explain how pupil subcultures develop
        • differentiation: when teachers "set/stream" pupils according to how they see their ability/ behaviour. if seen as"more able", placed in a high "set/stream" and given higher status
          • polarisation:  occurs as a result of streaming and setting which is when pupils respond by moving towards opposite poles.
    • pro-school subculture: pupils placed in high streams (middle class largely) remain committed to the values of their school and gain status through their academic achievements
    • analysis
      • only applicable to boys due to Lacey's sample. we are unaware of how girls are treated within school environments and the subcultures theyare in.


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