Lady Jane

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  • Lady Jane
    • Main action
      • balletic vocabulary
      • extensions
      • contact
      • courtly movements
    • Space
      • lots of travelling
      • formations and duo partners change to reflect his 'promiscuous' nature
    • Dynamics
      • lascivious
      • overtly sexual way
      • controlled movements
    • Key movements
      • the pushing of the male dancers pelvis on the woman's lower body
      • the slapping of the woman's lower back
      • the male dancers lift 'Jane' up and move her away to make way for other female characters
      • the bow with the intricate hand gestures as he lowers his body to her
    • Physical Setting
      • skirts are short
      • stage lighting is dim
      • all female dancers' costumes are the same
    • Aural Setting
      • rolling stones song
      • lyrics and movement are literal
      • slow tempo
    • Narrative/ dancers roles
      • the main male character is dismissing all his past relations so he can settle with 'Jane'
      • the male dancer's use chivalrous movements to dress up the situation- objectification of women
      • the men are a reflection of "questionable behaviour from men" Bruce remembered


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