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  • lawbreakers and different types of crime
    • Islam
      • they believe god has made it clear that Shari'ah law has to be obeyed so they are against people committing crime
        • laws should be respected to promote order in a society
        • "God commands justice...and prohibits wrongdoing and injustice"
      • some believe that the punishment should reflect the fact that the lawbreaker's actions are unacceptable
      • others believe offenders should be helped not to offend again and their rights should be protected
      • muslims believe that god creates all humans with equal value and nobody should be made inferior to others
        • hate crimes make the idea of a society without prejudice impossible to achieve
        • we are equal as we are all descendants of adam
      • Muslims may be more sympathetic to those stealing out of need rather than greed
      • Unforgivable crime (Hadud) - adultery, theft, alcohol, drugs - forbidden in Qur'an
      • Forgivable crime ( Al-Jynayaat) - crimes against right of individual - bodily harm, murder - victim or their family can gain credit by showing mercy
      • Community crimes (Al Ta'azir) - crimes that affect the community like fraud and antisocial behaviour
      • crimes against the state law (Al Mukhalafat) - parking offences and speeding
    • Christianity
      • Christians are generally against people breaking the laws without cause as they protect citizens and should be respected
      • some believe a punishment should be as severe as the crime committed
        • others believe they should be helped in order that they do not offend again
          • they should be helped to change their ways so they do not reoffend once the punishment is over
      • christians believe that inhumane treatment of offenders is wrong
        • "for i was in prison and you came to visit me"
          • Jesus stating actions that are pleasing to God
        • should be treated with compassion
      • Christians condemn both hate crimes and murder
        • God created all humans with equal value and nobody should be singled out for inferior treatment from others
          • "you are all one in Christ"
      • Christians are understanding of people committing theft out of need but they believe that they should be cared for so they have no need to steal
        • golden rule - "do for others what you want them to do for you"


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