Language and Gender Theory + Theorists

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  • Language and Gender
    • Theorists
      • Pamela Fishman (dominance model)
        • Women ask three times as many questions as men, and work hard to keep conversation going, whereas men speak twice as long as women
      • Deborah Tannen (difference model)
        • Men seek  to achieve the upper hand - stop people dominating them; whereas women form bonds, trying to avoid conflict
      • Robin Lakoff (deficit model)
        • Women tend to: swear less; use more empty adjectives; use more tag questions; speak less; use hyper correct grammar
    • Theories
      • Models
        • Difference Model - The language of men and women is  different. Neither is superior, just speech adopted by a female contrasts a mans
          • Deborah Tannen
        • Dominance Model - The language of men is more dominant in society - men hold more power than women
          • Pamela Fishman
        • Deficit Model - Women's language is lacking. They can't do some things men can
          • Robin Lakoff
        • Diversity Model - Sex and gender are different things. One's biological sex has no influence on language, instead it's society and socialisation
          • Judith Butler
      • Men
        • Use imperatives as directives
        • Use stronger swear words
        • Higher proportion of slang and colloquial lexis
        • Use more hypotaxis (embedded structures) in sentences
      • Women
        • Use more intensifiers
        • Minimal responses
        • Declaratives
        • Use more back channel behaviour
        • Use more parataxis (linked structures)
        • Rising innotation
        • More politeness markers
        • Initiate exchanges more than men
        • More evaluative lexis
      • Stereotypes in spoken language
        • Men are 'strong and slient'
        • Women screech whereas men have reassuring tones, conveying confidence and authority
        • Women gossip whereas men do not
        • Men talk about important topics (government/business)
        • Women talk about domestic occurences, and personal trivia
    • Key Terms
      • Models - Categories that gender theories come under
      • Gender stereotypes - Ascribing specific attributes to someone depending on if they're a man or woman


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