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  • Language as Analogy
    • Analogy
      • An attempt to explain the meaning of something which is difficult to understand
        • by understanding
    • Thomas Aquinas
      • Dominican Priest
      • used Analogy to speak about God
      • Rejected Univocal and equivocal language when speaking about God
        • How can our words apply to a transcendent, infinite being
          • E.G God is "good"
      • We cannot interpret God equivocally as it leaves us unable to understand what our words mean when applied to God
        • Makes religious language meaningless
      • We can talk about God though Analogy
        • Understanding something complex by understanding how it relates to something simple
    • We have no direct experience of God so it is hard to describe him
    • Univocal
      • Statements which mean the same thing for God and humans
        • Aquinas rejected the idea that we could talk of God univocally
          • It would be like comparing God to humans
    • Equivocal
      • Same word applied to God and Humans, but with different meanings
        • If we speak about God equivocally, we mean that God is totally different way to humans
          • Aquinas rejected this also
            • " If we speak about God equivocally, we cannot say we know anything about him
              • As we are saying the language we use to describe humans / World, does not apply to God
    • AQ believed there was a "Middle Way"
      • Analogy
        • Analogy of Proportion
          • God is good vs My dog is good
            • God is proportionally greater
              • Nature of this proportion is beyond our understanding
        • Analogy of Attribution
          • Qualities we ascribe to each other are reflections of attributes of Gods
          • We can attribute qualities to the nature of God by looking at what he ha screated
        • Analogy of Proper proportion
          • We possess qualities like God: Wisdom, goodness and faithfulness
            • Because we are inferior to God, we possess those qualities in lesser proportion to God
    • Evaluation
      • Verification can be criticised by analogy b/c it cannot be verified empirically
      • Richard Swinburne argues we don't need analogy
        • When we say " God is good and humans are good...
          • Good applies to different things, but has a univocal meaning


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