Language Change Theory

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  • Change Theory
    • Trudgill
      • Change is inevitable, like a living organism
    • Atchison
      • 'Damp soon' people become lazy with lang
      • 'crumbling castle' lang was once a beautiful ornate structure but now is decaying and falling apart
      • 'Infectious disease' new features picked up like a disease.
    • Milroy
      • Was once a 'golden age of language'
    • Dennis Freeborn
      • people judge others on their accents and dialect
    • David Crystal
      • lang is living so must change as society does
      • wave metaphor- lang 'ebbs and flows' bring new words in and out naturally
      • studies kids and phones- those that messaged more had high vocab and lang understanding
    • Heffer
      • modern lang is an 'act of violence' rules need to b taken seriously
    • Prescriptivists-lang should be pure English- 17th and 18th lang is correct
      • Descriptivists- why language has changed, simply describes change


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