Language & Gender theorists

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  • Language & Gender theorists
    • Lakoff: said that women use tag questions to seek assurance
    • Jennifer Coates: said that working class people are associated with tough / rough characteristics
    • Sara Mills: male terms tend to be positive wherees female term are negative
    • Trudgill: men use non-standard english to gain covert prestige. Whereas women use hypercorrect grammer
    • Tannen: men use commands and women make proposals
    • Pamela Fisherman: in relationships women ask more questions to find a topic the man wants to talk about it
    • Janet Holmes: men use tag questions to check facts and women use them to include everyone in a conversation (co-operative style of speech)
    • Kathy O'Leary: the speaker's role in the converstion is a better predictor of tag question use than gender


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